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Supernatural: Everyday Things

Supernatural - Everyday Things
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A Supernatural Fic Prompt Community dedicated to the celebration of the Supernatural fandom with prompts from things that aren't normally the focus of the show. This community will have bi-monthly challenges, with a variety of themes off of the over-arching developments.

Rules are pretty simple -- fics are due by each date set by the prompt -- and must be longer than 750 words. Fics should be based upon the prompt in some way but do not have to focus solely on non-supernatural elements and be posted to the community (crossposting is not only allowed, it is encouraged).

When posting to this comm please use this format. Make sure to properly mark and tag your posts so that people know what to expect when they read the stories under the cut.

Please keep this community respectful. Constructive crit is encouraged, and reviewing other stories with comments is all part of the comm.

Posting for other comms and prompts is allowed so long as you ask permission first. Please do not spam the community with the same fic repeatedly.

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Moderated by shay_renoylds and roseganymede